Solving as an Agony aunt

Er. Amrit cried “why these girls are too annoyed in every small thing?” what happened I asked him. “I went to party and drink when I reached home Usha is already in a mood to fight,” Amrit replied.

Usha is also an engineer and his wife. They fell in love and got married.They believed that they both of them can’t live without one another. Now she is 7 months pregnant and her mood swings.


love with in fights

Hello, I’m Pratixa. A friend of Amrit and Agony-aunt in their life. I’m the type who had never wish for prince charming. Prince charming are always good to see but hard to tackle with. For me love is nit-picky.  

 Being in a relationship means you are not doing anything for yourself. Usha is having a baby because Amrit loves the kids. We know, it doesn’t mean he is selfish as he went party with his friends. Phone ranged “Hello! Darling” I received the phone. “I left smoke and alcohol just because his baby is in my womb. That bastard is having fun!” Usha was on the other side of the phone replied. Pregnant Usha wanted Amrit to follow the same rituals as she does every day because she is having their baby. “Tell him no need to come home,” Usha added.

 We admire love, thinking of kindness, happy situations, butterfly in the stomach and breathless meetings. Amrit thought Usha would be the same silent girl as she was before. Usha thought Amrit would be the same guy who fastens to support her when she was not having food for the religious reason. There are many complications than you think. It’s pretty frustrating if you happen to face it. Unexpected attitude kills feelings at first place.It is sometimes the best thing that has ever happen and within some period feeling drops. 4439234-silhouette-of-couple-pregnant-woman-and-her-husband 

Amrit”is that Usha on the phone?” I nodded. “Is she alright? Tell her I’ll be home within 15 minutes” he added. LOVE doesn’t make you happy, they are sometimes sadder. Instead of fusing life together, sometimes it creates the fuss. To believe in love is not so hard, until the thoughts like- ‘what if my person has hoaxed? ‘Won’t these type of feelings kills the relation? Some people cannot and will not ever end up together, even if they do love each other. “Send him home fast, he hasn’t eaten anything since morning,” Usha speaks.Some people like Usha and Amrit,within all the fights they find love. “Tell him to drive slow Pratixa.” Usha dropped the phone.

  Love is never enough because love is not rational. Being friend I don’t always have to give suggestions. Sometimes listening to the problems can solve. As a good friend sometimes going for coffee and letting friends pour their frustrations will save their relations. “thanks for the coffee dear.” Amrit grinned and left the cafe.

Hopeless decision making: An analysis from Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System


Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System,elected to construct a new state of the art airport that would cement Denver’s position as an air transportation hub. By auimagestomating baggage turnaround meant more efficient operations. Underestimation of the project’s complexity. The airport’s opening was delayed by a full 16 months. The $1 million per month maintenance costs exceeded the monthly cost of a manual tug and trolley system. When opening day finally arrived, the system was just a shadow of the original plan. All other baggage handling was performed using simple conveyor belts plus a manual tug and trolley system.

  Case re-examination: Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System
Breakthrough description of the project:
  1. Concept: The world’s largest automated airport baggage handling system. Completing the Denver system in two years Aircraft turnaround time to reduce for more efficient operations.
  2. Process: construction of the airport on Nov 1989. United Airlines signs on and plans. Engages BAE Systems to build by approaching BAE directly requesting a bid for the project. United Airlines changes their plans and cuts out plans for the system to transfer bags between aircraft. Change orders raised altering size of ski equipment claim area and adding maintenance track. Target opening date is shifted. BAE Systems denies system is malfunctioning.
  3. Techniques: 10 times larger than any other automated system. Advance quality.  Requesting bids for the design and construction of the system. The system to be designed, built, tested and commissioned.  BAE directly requesting a bid for the project.

 5 process group of DIA projects:

DIA initialization
  • Unclear objectives: plan rapidly dissolved.
  • Underestimation of the documents: City of Denver engages Breier Neidle Patrone Associates to analyze feasibility of building an integrated baggage system. Reports advises that complexity makes the proposition unfeasible
  • Improper management: BAE directly requesting a bid for the project.
Project planning:
  • Problem on Scheduling: Target opening date shifted
  • Poor Quality Evaluation: Problems establishing a clean electrical supply
  • Evaluation of risk: Underestimation of the project’s complexity

Project execution:

  • Win- lose Negotiation:
  • 3 respond and review of proposals indicate none could be ready in time for the Oct 1993 opening.
  • Denver Airport Project Management team approach BAE directly requesting a bid for the project.
  • No co-ordination: Singer had been one of the driving forces behind the creation of the automated baggage system. , Walter Singer dies and project got mishandled.

Project monitoring and control:

  • No project tracking process used by American airlines
  • Comparing actual output to predict was a disaster: Demonstration was a disaster as clothes are ejected from crushed bags.
    Project closure:
  • Contractual closure was not possible: BAE Systems denies system is malfunctioning. Instead they say many of the issues reported to date had been caused by the airport staff using the system incorrectly
  • Financial closure: The $1 million per month maintenance costs exceeded the monthly cost of a manual tug and trolley system.
  • Verifying accomplishment: System testing continues to flounder.
  DIA failed 4 key consideration of project management:
  1. Cost:                City of Denver starts fining BAE $12K per day for further delays. In order to save costs the system is scrapped in favor of a fully manual system.  Maintenance costs were running at $1M per month at the time. The $1 million per month maintenance costs exceeded the monthly cost of a manual tug and trolley system. 
  2. Time:             By automating baggage handling, aircraft turnaround time was to be reduced to as little as 30 minutes but the cost was: the project needed to be completed in just two years.  The airport’s opening was delayed by a full 16 months. The remnants of the system soldiered on for 10 years, the system never worked well.images (1)
  3. Quality:          unfeasible project. Complexity led to a corresponding underestimation of the effort involved. System testing continues to smack.  Change orders raised altering size of ski equipment.
  4. Result:           Failure to anticipate the number of carts correctly would result in delays in picking up bags that would undermine the system’s performance goals. The system is scrapped in favor of a fully manual system. Snowballing problems and public humiliation for everyone involved.

Leader needs to realize the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the drawbacks

Leader may benefits from their various actions to outweigh their drawbacks. Benefits from Outsourcing are:

  1. The time zone advantage  meaning, your job will be done while you are asleep and when you wake up next morning your service is delivered at right time. Example: IT/business process sector.
  2. Faster and better services by getting ideas converted into products and better at delivering the value-added proposition. Example: KFC
  3. Cost effective method. Example: it is said that, in 2010 if the average manufacturing wage of iPhone was about $2.00 in China then it would be $34.75 in America.
  4. Increase efficiency of company, as it can pay attention on key activity. Example: iPhone not only save money, but also save time and increase their creativity due to mixture of innovative ideas.
  5. Easy access to skilled resource. While catering towards the world business can find well educated, experienced in handling the needs with potential customers. Example: Ford India exports 40 percent of its engine production and 25 percent of its car production to south Asia including Nepal

The darker side of globalization

Multinational companies shifts towards Asian and African countries,

which has their own benefits and drawbacks too. These countries

has lots of resources which are being used irrationally.

Domestic industries in some countries are in endangered situation.

The misuse of resources to meet complex demands in the production are increasing day by day. The income level of people and their own country

country does not match due to internal conflict.

unmanaged dumping site

Example: the practices of race, cast and cultural disparity. The corruption and political instability

has affected the sustainability of growth in developing

country like Nepal.These countries may end up sinking much of local production. Capital mobility alongside labor inflexibility has reduced the bargaining power of organized labor. Labor privileges and rights has not been protected. International guidelines on trade and finance are unequal which has

unbalanced effects on rich and poor countries. Country like India, China, Bangladesh etc. are worried that globalization would interrupt on cultural integrity and social stability. The fear of inflowing western culture in the

society. Example: Monsanto Company. According to the India Committee

of the Netherlands and the International Labor Rights Fund, Monsanto also employs child labor. The terror of transmitting epidemic diseases like Ebola.

The thriven trans-border crime like terrorism, human and drug trafficking, crime and piracy.

Developing cross-cultural literacy in business.

 Culture is the set of values, beliefs and institutions of a specific group
 of People. It includes attitudes, manners and customs, social structure,
 religion etc.
Managers working directly in international business should 
develop Cultural literacy. Understanding the contextual differences. 
High context society accept message on contextual cues. They reach to
the decisions quickly. Avoid confrontation and debate. Whereas low 
context society emphasis on written. They accept open disagreement.
Nation’s dominant in language, race, lifestyle, values, attitudes,
 or other characteristics. It is important to develop cross-cultural
 literacy to respect Values people are emotionally attached.
 It helps to understand Attitudes towards toward objects or concepts.
Example: in Japan people are punctual for conferences, 
and keep tight schedules. Whereas in Brazil people
 are casual about time.
When doing business abroad, Developing Cultural Literacy
 in international business enables a person to function effectively
 within the organization. Cultural literacy brings a company closer
 to customer needs and desires and improves competitiveness. 
Avoiding Ethnocentrism eliminates staff’s unresponsive 
to cultural distinctions.
Culture can force companies to adjust business policies
 and practices to suit local culture. It is important to understand
 manners and customs to avoid mistakes. Cultural knowledge 
improves the ability to negotiate, market the products effectively, 
and manage international operations.
e.g., conducting business during meals in US 
is acceptable but not in Japan.

Illegal immigrants: A country’s economy growth engine or a ethical dilemma

Measuring the illegal immigrants with the perspectives of ethics:

  • Utilitarianism perspective

Believes that the action is right if it produces the most utility. In America immigrants represent a growth engine in an economy. It has maximized the pleasure of the Americans’. It proves the illegal immigrant to be ethical.

  • The de ontological perspective:

It gives the guide line that meet given three criteria to measure the ethics.

  1. Reversibility: Only if the performer is willing to accept the same treatment from other. Is business practitioner ready to accept same treatment from the general Americans’?
  2. Universality: An action is morally right if its maxim can become a general rule for everybody acting similar situation. Is that possible selling products and services by accepting the ID issued by their native countries only?
  3. Respect for human being as persons with their own free will. Which mean the business practices is not consider ethical because it respect the human dignity of the immigrants but not of every Americans’’.

The measurement of behavior through the perspectives shows that the principle of utilitarianism is in the favor of illegal immigrants whereas, the principle of deontology is against it.

I believe that the illegal migrants fill the jobs by employed in chicken plants, flooring mills and building/construction where Native Americans refuse to take and generally helped to boost the economy. Several parts of the state, Natives aren’t easy to get at any charge.

Whereas, Immigrants are offered to work for low wages and no benefits. Those immigrants not only reduce pays but also host the problems, like undermining security.

no photo- its selfie

Selfie was started from the history of camera, where first ever photograph of a person was a selfie, same with my cell phone. I clicked my first selfie with my first phone. Latter on Followed by the Adrin Buzz who took selfie on moon. I took mine on bathroom.


The word ‘selfie’ first appeared in an Australian internet forum on 2002. It was more common on MySpace before and was followed by FB users. I gave up the photographer’s control over my images so that I could self portray myself. I have a control over my pictures, no sharing with my own shine.

New Image1

There is nothing so right and so wrong for selfies. Everyone gets to see your pretty face weather in pajamas or in tuxedo. It’s a quick way to get optimistic note about look. It helps to look life in a positive way.

Selfies are not only for fun, it shows how a person is attached with oneself. Selfie explains what people really want tell about them. It’s a positive attribute of social media. it tells when we look great, why not show the world? It is one of the artistic ways to express. Selfie gave the confidence of being comfortable in your own, imperfections.

one of the problem in everyday life

SEE her hair. oh! my god, i love them. Pra your hair it looks perfect. I want same style on mine too. I have been listening to it almost every day.I always answer it with a big”:)” “People admire the things either they don’t have or don’t appreciate living with it.” When i was 7th grader  I strengthened my curls. I loved my strengthened hair. It was perfect for every day style.

……………….Oh wait! really?? 😕

NO!! My curls were perfect. people admire it. They are healthy and bouncy.   



  hell NO! it’s a mess……… 

Actually i am thinking of shaving my head,  its better to be free from everyday styling your hair, complaining to that one part which make my hair 

but it’s a matter of guts to me. I ain’t THE Britney who looks sex pot on a bald head.neither I’m a Cameron Diaz  no matter what happens people fall in love again.

If a girls complains on every single things take it as a grain of salt.

shhh….. it’s a secret don’t tell her!

She believes ” If You Hide the Problem, You Cannot Solve It.” hence she complains for everything. you better show the serious concern of yours, but you donot have to be serious until its a volcano in your life too. But no wonder she has her own grace-orientation and problemsolving styles for every situation. girls don’t leave there things stiff or awkward.

food safety at canteens

Food safety is especially important in schools since children can be more susceptible to food borne illnesses.Working in a school means you need to keep food safety in mind at all times.

To begin hygiene plays a big role in how you keep foods safe to eat.washing hands before touching to food, before and after preparing meals, and after served. canteen must be a clean and safe environment. Children are quite susceptible to food borne illness and you must take the proper steps to always ensure all foods are safe for consumption. That means practicing safe personal hygiene for all staff members, knowing how to properly store foods, how to keep foods at the proper temperatures, and how to maintain a cleanliness. imagesThe second part of food safety in a canteen is keeping the space itself clean and free of bacteria.Never allow the room to become a habitat for pests of any type. They spread germs and will be attracted to any foods that are left out or open. food safe pest control, keep doors and windows sealed and shut and dispose of garbage properly.the refrigerator, the meats should be sealed carefully and always placed on the bottom shelf. Meats should never be placed on a higher shelf where juices could drip and contaminate other foods.

             Food that is meant to be hot should be kept hot the whole time it is being served. Afterwards, it should be put in the refrigerator for storage within two hours of when it started cooling down.

Foods that are meant to be cold should always be kept cold. In fact, any cold items like sandwiches and milk should always be kept in a display that maintains a temperature of five degrees Celsius or below Certain foods are considered high risk, and they need to be handled properly.

The following is a list of foods that you need to be extra cautious with:

  • Anything containing dairy
  • Salads
  • Raw meats
  • Raw eggs
  • Cooked rice
  • noodles

All of these items should be considered potentially hazardous and should always be handled in canteen with an extra level of care.

Plan ahead and defrost in the refrigerator. This can take at least a day depending on the weight of the meat. It is the ideal method of defrosting since it is the safest, but the method does require planning ahead. Use the microwave to defrost the food.look for the defrost setting on the machine so that it will thaw the meat properly.

indexAdditionally, never defrost foods by leaving them out on bench-tops at room temperature. This is an almost guaranteed way of breeding bacteria, which will lead to food poisoning.

There should be proper certification process with the competency code for canteens,  including community service codes. They should have a Statement of Attainment showing that they have certified food safety supervisor. Staffs should be trained for the job.  A food safety supervisor doesn’t have to be available but, must always be contactable.

As a consumer, we can  also play a role in preventing illness due to food tampering through following measures for food safety:

  •  Detect product tampering at the grocery
  • Detect product tampering at canteen
  • Reporting a suspected product

Environment science and natural resources in the field of business development

Environment science and natural resources in the field of business development

Environmental science is the study, understanding, processes and evaluation of environmental systems and the solution of the problems.
Whereas, Natural resources itself are the environment. It occur naturally within and are undistributed by human kind.

The present state of the environment poses a challenge to every sector of business. Because, business interact and live in an around it and whatever decisions we make will affect us within mankind.
It ensures a good fit between man and resources they use and interact.

Proper analyses of environmental factors help the business firm to frame plans and policies that could help in easy accomplishment of those organisational objectives. Without undertaking environmental scanning, the firm cannot develop a strategy for business success.

An environmental analysis is an extremely important tool in understanding and decision¬ making in all situation of the business. Success of the firm depends upon the precise decision.

Air, water, shower, forest, atmosphere should not be ignored in business, they are the base of business.
We cannot fight against the natural threat, they are uncertain. What we can is not to disturb them so that they would not disturb us.

Changing environment could be opportunity, if they are able to grab. Environmental analyses helps to identify the opportunities in the market. The firm should make every possible effort to grab the opportunities as and when they come.
Let’s take an example of load shedding in Nepal. Load shedding brought lots of problem to almost all the business houses but some true entrepreneur made the business of solar power.
Hence it is a proof that intelligent mind make business by understanding the importance of nature.
Analysis of internal and external business environment helps to identify strength of the firm.
Taking their first steps to fight climate change, to protect our air, water and food and to build sustainable business in environment.

What we need? The exact answer is an “Action”. The environmental challenges of our time are too great and too urgent for us not to march, teach, and rally for a safe, stable climate and a planet but take a step where business can survive and thrive.

Let’s make that happen today. Same as green cities let’s make green business. Commit to an Act of Green. Business can decrease their ecological will rather give the healthy environment to work and live in.