How to Write a Resume|freshers/recent graduates

1-page resumes are most effective resumes for freshers.

Before writing, your resumes do some of the following

Set your Font to either of these:

  1. Times new Roman
  2. Arial
  3. Sans Serif
  4. Cambria
  5. Calibri

To stand out make your Font Size:

Title your name with font size 18

Heading 14,bold

Sub-heading 12, bold

Body 11/12

Space: Single

  1. Start with you NAME
  2. Write your career Objectives

Make it mandatory, it is most important to your reader.

  1. Write your Qualification

Start from recent qualification. Write the name of University, the name of the course and year completion. Do not write your percentage.

  1. Include your Professional Training details

Write Name of the training, Date of completion and list of your learned skills.

  1. Add your Skills

    a. Technical Skills

Include your hands on Technical Skills. Example advance office package, Graphics, programming that is relevant to your job. Also include your skill level [example: write Proficient/Skilled/Intermediate as per tour knowledge]

b. Add Interpersonal Skills

6. Write, you college Project Experiences

Even if you are a fresher, write your experiences. Keep in mind your experiences must be relevant as per profession. [Example: Software Experiences, Research results, used Marketing Techniques, Project Management Etc]