Solving as an Agony

Er. Amrit cried “why these girls are too annoyed in every small thing?” what happened I asked him. “Yesterday I went to a party and drank after I reach home Usha is already in a mood to fight,” Amrit replied.

Usha is also an engineer and his wife. They fell in love and got married.They believed that they both can’t live without each other. Now she is 7 months pregnant and her mood swings.

silhouette-of-couples in fights

Hello, I’m Pratixa. A friend of Amrit-Usha also an Agony-aunt in their life. I’m the type who had never wish for prince charming. Prince charming is always good to see but hard to tackle with. I’m nit-picky for relationships    

 I believe being in a relationship means you are not doing anything for yourself. Usha is carrying their baby because Amrit loves kids. I know, this doesn’t mean he is selfish as he went to the party without her.
Phone ranged “Hello! Darling” I received the phone. “I left smoke and alcohol just because his baby is in my womb. That bastard is having fun!” Usha yelled on the other side of the phone. Pregnant Usha wanted Amrit to follow the same rituals as she does every day because she is having their baby. “Tell him no need to come home,” Usha added.
We admire love, thinking of kindness, happy situations, butterfly in the stomach and breathless meetings. Amrit thought Usha would be the same silent girl as she was before. Usha thought Amrit would be the same guy who fasted when she was fasting in “Teej” (a cultural belief in Nepal).

There are many complications than you think. It’s pretty frustrating if you happen to face it. Unexpected attitude kills feelings at first place.It is sometimes the best thing that has ever happen and within some period feeling drops. 4439234-silhouette-of-couple-pregnant-woman-and-her-husband
Amrit whispered is that Usha on the phone?” I nodded. he looked into his watch, it was already 8 pm. “Oh, f**k! I’m late! Is she alright? Tell her I’ll be home within 15 minutes” he added.   

LOVE doesn’t make you happy, they are sometimes sadder. Instead of fusing life together, sometimes it creates the fuss. To believe in love is not so hard until the thoughts like- ‘what if my person has hoaxed? comes to your mind. ‘Won’t these type of feelings kills a relationship? Some people cannot and will not ever end up together, even if they do love each other. Here my friends aren’t planning to kill their love for each other.
“Send him home fast, he hasn’t eaten anything since morning,” Usha speaks.Some people like Usha and Amrit, within all the fights they find love. “Tell him to drive slow Pratixa.” Usha dropped the phone.

  Love is never enough because love is not rational. Being friend I don’t always have to give suggestions. Sometimes listening to the problems can solve. As a good friend sometimes going for coffee and letting friends pour their frustrations will save their relationships. “thanks for the coffee dear.” Amrit grinned and left the cafe.