The darker side of globalization

Multinational companies shifts towards Asian and African countries,

which has their own benefits and drawbacks too. These countries

has lots of resources which are being used irrationally.

Domestic industries in some countries are in endangered situation.

The misuse of resources to meet complex demands in the production are increasing day by day. The income level of people and their own country

country does not match due to internal conflict.

unmanaged dumping site

Example: the practices of race, cast and cultural disparity. The corruption and political instability

has affected the sustainability of growth in developing

country like Nepal.These countries may end up sinking much of local production. Capital mobility alongside labor inflexibility has reduced the bargaining power of organized labor. Labor privileges and rights has not been protected. International guidelines on trade and finance are unequal which has

unbalanced effects on rich and poor countries. Country like India, China, Bangladesh etc. are worried that globalization would interrupt on cultural integrity and social stability. The fear of inflowing western culture in the

society. Example: Monsanto Company. According to the India Committee

of the Netherlands and the International Labor Rights Fund, Monsanto also employs child labor. The terror of transmitting epidemic diseases like Ebola.

The thriven trans-border crime like terrorism, human and drug trafficking, crime and piracy.


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