Illegal immigrants: A country’s economy growth engine or a ethical dilemma

Measuring the illegal immigrants with the perspectives of ethics:

  • Utilitarianism perspective

Believes that the action is right if it produces the most utility. In America immigrants represent a growth engine in an economy. It has maximized the pleasure of the Americans’. It proves the illegal immigrant to be ethical.

  • The de ontological perspective:

It gives the guide line that meet given three criteria to measure the ethics.

  1. Reversibility: Only if the performer is willing to accept the same treatment from other. Is business practitioner ready to accept same treatment from the general Americans’?
  2. Universality: An action is morally right if its maxim can become a general rule for everybody acting similar situation. Is that possible selling products and services by accepting the ID issued by their native countries only?
  3. Respect for human being as persons with their own free will. Which mean the business practices is not consider ethical because it respect the human dignity of the immigrants but not of every Americans’’.

The measurement of behavior through the perspectives shows that the principle of utilitarianism is in the favor of illegal immigrants whereas, the principle of deontology is against it.

I believe that the illegal migrants fill the jobs by employed in chicken plants, flooring mills and building/construction where Native Americans refuse to take and generally helped to boost the economy. Several parts of the state, Natives aren’t easy to get at any charge.

Whereas, Immigrants are offered to work for low wages and no benefits. Those immigrants not only reduce pays but also host the problems, like undermining security.


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