no photo- its selfie

Selfie was started from the history of camera, where first ever photograph of a person was a selfie, same with my cell phone. I clicked my first selfie with my first phone. Latter on Followed by the Adrin Buzz who took selfie on moon. I took mine on bathroom.


The word ‘selfie’ first appeared in an Australian internet forum on 2002. It was more common on MySpace before and was followed by FB users. I gave up the photographer’s control over my images so that I could self portray myself. I have a control over my pictures, no sharing with my own shine.

New Image1

There is nothing so right and so wrong for selfies. Everyone gets to see your pretty face weather in pajamas or in tuxedo. It’s a quick way to get optimistic note about look. It helps to look life in a positive way.

Selfies are not only for fun, it shows how a person is attached with oneself. Selfie explains what people really want tell about them. It’s a positive attribute of social media. it tells when we look great, why not show the world? It is one of the artistic ways to express. Selfie gave the confidence of being comfortable in your own, imperfections.