one of the problem in everyday life

SEE her hair. oh! my god, i love them. Pra your hair it looks perfect. I want same style on mine too. I have been listening to it almost every day.I always answer it with a big”:)” “People admire the things either they don’t have or don’t appreciate living with it.” When i was 7th grader  I strengthened my curls. I loved my strengthened hair. It was perfect for every day style.

……………….Oh wait! really?? 😕

NO!! My curls were perfect. people admire it. They are healthy and bouncy.   



  hell NO! it’s a mess……… 

Actually i am thinking of shaving my head,  its better to be free from everyday styling your hair, complaining to that one part which make my hair 

but it’s a matter of guts to me. I ain’t THE Britney who looks sex pot on a bald head.neither I’m a Cameron Diaz  no matter what happens people fall in love again.

If a girls complains on every single things take it as a grain of salt.

shhh….. it’s a secret don’t tell her!

She believes ” If You Hide the Problem, You Cannot Solve It.” hence she complains for everything. you better show the serious concern of yours, but you donot have to be serious until its a volcano in your life too. But no wonder she has her own grace-orientation and problemsolving styles for every situation. girls don’t leave there things stiff or awkward.