food safety at canteens

Food safety is especially important in schools since children can be more susceptible to food borne illnesses.Working in a school means you need to keep food safety in mind at all times.

To begin hygiene plays a big role in how you keep foods safe to eat.washing hands before touching to food, before and after preparing meals, and after served. canteen must be a clean and safe environment. Children are quite susceptible to food borne illness and you must take the proper steps to always ensure all foods are safe for consumption. That means practicing safe personal hygiene for all staff members, knowing how to properly store foods, how to keep foods at the proper temperatures, and how to maintain a cleanliness. imagesThe second part of food safety in a canteen is keeping the space itself clean and free of bacteria.Never allow the room to become a habitat for pests of any type. They spread germs and will be attracted to any foods that are left out or open. food safe pest control, keep doors and windows sealed and shut and dispose of garbage properly.the refrigerator, the meats should be sealed carefully and always placed on the bottom shelf. Meats should never be placed on a higher shelf where juices could drip and contaminate other foods.

             Food that is meant to be hot should be kept hot the whole time it is being served. Afterwards, it should be put in the refrigerator for storage within two hours of when it started cooling down.

Foods that are meant to be cold should always be kept cold. In fact, any cold items like sandwiches and milk should always be kept in a display that maintains a temperature of five degrees Celsius or below Certain foods are considered high risk, and they need to be handled properly.

The following is a list of foods that you need to be extra cautious with:

  • Anything containing dairy
  • Salads
  • Raw meats
  • Raw eggs
  • Cooked rice
  • noodles

All of these items should be considered potentially hazardous and should always be handled in canteen with an extra level of care.

Plan ahead and defrost in the refrigerator. This can take at least a day depending on the weight of the meat. It is the ideal method of defrosting since it is the safest, but the method does require planning ahead. Use the microwave to defrost the food.look for the defrost setting on the machine so that it will thaw the meat properly.

indexAdditionally, never defrost foods by leaving them out on bench-tops at room temperature. This is an almost guaranteed way of breeding bacteria, which will lead to food poisoning.

There should be proper certification process with the competency code for canteens,  including community service codes. They should have a Statement of Attainment showing that they have certified food safety supervisor. Staffs should be trained for the job.  A food safety supervisor doesn’t have to be available but, must always be contactable.

As a consumer, we can  also play a role in preventing illness due to food tampering through following measures for food safety:

  •  Detect product tampering at the grocery
  • Detect product tampering at canteen
  • Reporting a suspected product